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Still the Same (Animation) by midnightstarfire
Still the Same (Animation)
An animation :iconpoisondemonsaskia: and I made together of our character Avira and Kito.  This is the first time he's meeting her demon form, which we also call Acid Rain.  He's a bit worried things will be different, but they aren't.

Characters belong to us.  Made in Flash.
Soul Glow by midnightstarfire
Soul Glow
This is a collab with :iconpoisondemonsaskia: that we did while she is visiting me.  We initially were trying to do it evenly half and half to compare our sketch styles but we ended up just flip flopping back and forth when one of us had an idea or got stuck on the drawing.  And this is what happened.

Arpeggio is our character and belongs to us.
Kito Sketch by midnightstarfire
Kito Sketch
Just trying my hand at the art program Mischief.  It's great for sketching, but I don't think I'll use it for any full color pieces.
Lars and Steven Doodles by midnightstarfire
Lars and Steven Doodles
Decided to try doodling some Steven Universe characters.  Lars and Steven are a lot of fun to draw.  I just really really want fluffy stuff with these two okay?  These were all drawn with pencil, then scanned in and sketched and colored over.

Also posted to tumblr:…
Steven Universe Shipping Meme by midnightstarfire
Steven Universe Shipping Meme
Just felt like doing this.  If you like my version, of this meme you can use the template:

Bullet; Pink OTPs
Ruby/Sapphire (The adorable tiny lesbians!!)
Pearl/Garnet  (Their fusion dance!!)

Bullet; Orange Love It
Greg/Rose (How can you not love these cuties?)
Connie/Steven (Platonic, but open to it as romantic when they're older.  Right now they are almost certainly crushing on each other though.)
Lars/Sadie (Lars needs to grow as a person, but I think they have good potential.)
Jenny/Sour Cream/Buck
Pearl/Connie (Platonic/Frienshipping)

Bullet; Blue Cute
Lars/Steven (Platonic/Friendshipping.  I really really want fluffiness between these two okay?)
Steven/Lapis (Platonic/Frienshipping)
Jamie/Kevin (I blame Tumblr.)
Sardonyx/Rose (C'mon, you know it'd be cute.)
Lars/Ronaldo (Eh, whatevs.)
Jasper/Sadie (Weird crack ship of mine.)
Lars/Jamie (Tumblr, look what you did.)
Stevonnie/Sour Cream (More as cute friends than a romantic ship.)

Bullet; Green Dislike
Kevin/Stevonnie (Just no.)
Rainbow Quartz/Greg

Bullet; Red NOTP
Jamie/Garnet (It just doesn't work even though I love them both.)

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I didn't know what to do for her skin colour so that's certainly up to change (she's a chameleon! O_O)
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